Non-Toxic Nails

Our 30 minute polish change! Perfect for the person on the go. Includes, cuticle clean up, shaping, buff, and polish change with our non-toxic regular polish.

30 min | $40 Mani, $60 Pedi

Our 75 minute mani and/or pedi is a more extensive, relaxing, all natural experience. It includes, cuticle care, bath infusion, massage, oil treatment, and non toxic polish available in regular or gel (gel is an add-on)

Non-toxic Gel add on: $35
Please be sure to book gel removal if necessary

1 hr 15 min | $75 Mani, $90 Pedi

Our mani/pedi experiences are curated especially with your relaxation & enjoyment in mind! Not only do we prioritize your health & wellness by using all non-toxic polishes free from the 10 commonly used harsh chemicals, but we also customize your experience by offering 3 aromatic preferences. Pick yours for each service!


Honey Chai Tea, Please

sweet, vanilla, spice

Golden Hour by the Beach

fresh, creamy, coconut

Mellow Moon Mint

herbal, minty, sweet

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